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Centre for Robotics and AI

Pair of robots in a computer lab

Advancing robotics research

We focus on areas of research that have a real impact on addressing today's societal problems.

Our robotics and autonomous systems research has a distinctive profile developing, integrating and applying novel AI approaches in the design of robots and autonomous systems for real world applications.

This is a highly interdisciplinary Centre, building on the close collaboration between engineering approaches to robotics and control and computer science approaches to AI and cognitive and neural systems. It is further enhanced by robotics research in privacy and ethics in the social sciences.

Our themes

The work of our academics and research labs is aligned around five themes, each focusing on a specific set of key scientific and technological challenges and areas of investigation.

  • small robot with caterpillar tracks
  • computer simulation of a robotics prototype
  • member of staff with a humanoid robot
  • Blue, computer generated image of person with half a head
  • staff engaging students at an open day

Who's involved

Our Centre Directors are:

  • Angelo Cangelosi - Co-Director
  • Barry Lennox - Co-Director

Our Centre management group are:

  • Louise Dennis - Outreach Lead
  • Clare Dixon - Funding Lead
  • Michael Fisher - EPSRC / RAEng Liaison Lead
  • Guido Herrmann - Education / CDT Lead
  • Andy Weightman - Industry Liaison

Featured videos

Watch a selection of videos showing the range of our expertise. Our full video catalogue can be found on the Robotics YouTube channel

Research into maintenance solutions using robotics and virtual reality.

Deploying the MIRRIMAX robot at Sellafield.

Predicting intentions via dynamical clustering of human postures.

Industry collaborations

We pride ourselves on close collaboration with industry. Grants from industry comprise support for EPSRC IAA projects (Sellafield Ltd, Forth Engineering, TPLC, Braendler Engineering, Proctor and Gamble) and KTP Projects (Nuvia, Forth Engineering, Braendler Engineering, Proctor and Gamble), iCASE awards (e.g. BAE Systems), fully funded PhD projects (e.g. Honda HRI Europe and HRI Japan).

We are the lead academic partner in the CINDe PhD Centre, which is supported by NNL and Sellafield Ltd. We are also a strategic partner with BAE Systems, including in robotics projects.

Staff from the Centre are involved in various robotics and engineering institutions and committees, e.g. for contribution to new standards in the field. For example, they contribute to the IEEE p7009 standard for Fail-Safe Design of Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems (Fisher), to the BSI AMT / 10 Robotics Committee (Dixon, Fisher), and IEEE P7001 Transparency for Autonomous Systems (Dennis).

They are also involved in the Virtual Engineering Centre.

Get in touch

If you're interested in collaborating with us, or want to know more about the Centre's activities and how to get involved, contact:

Angelo Cangelosi, Co-Director