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Centre for Robotics and AI

Business engagement

We pride ourselves on close collaboration with industry, and staff from the Centre are involved in various robotics and engineering institutions and committees.

Grants from industry comprise support for EPSRC IAA projects (Sellafield Ltd, Forth Engineering, TPLC, Braendler Engineering, Proctor and Gamble) and KTP Projects (Nuvia, Forth Engineering, Braendler Engineering, Proctor and Gamble), iCASE awards (e.g. BAE Systems), fully funded PhD projects (e.g. Honda HRI Europe and HRI Japan).

We are the lead academic partner in the CINDe PhD Centre, which is supported by NNL and Sellafield Ltd. We are also a strategic partner with BAE Systems, including in robotics projects.

Recent examples of our staff contributing to new standards in the field include the IEEE p7009 standard for Fail-Safe Design of Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Systems (Fisher), the BSI AMT / 10 Robotics Committee (Dixon, Fisher), and IEEE P7001 Transparency for Autonomous Systems (Dennis).

We are also involved in the Virtual Engineering Centre.

Key industry applications

One of the key strengths of robotics research at the Centre is the breadth and variety of autonomous systems applications, and the direct engagement and collaboration with numerous industry partners and stakeholders. Our impact activities are organised around five key areas.

  • robot arm spraying plants in a greenhouse
  • computer simulation of a car
  • Touch screen controlling a robot
  • Person using robotic rehabilitation for leg injuries
  • robot on caterpillar wheels